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Wielkopolska (PL)

Poznan Science and Technology Park (PSTP):

Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation (AMUF) is a non-profit organization with the mission to stimulate collaboration between science and industry to activate the regional development via innovation, technology transfer and international cooperation. The main department of AMUF is Poznan Science and Technology Park (PSTP).

PSTP was a leader of RIS NAC project working on Regional Innovation Strategy together with Regional Government. PSTP is the leading organization in Wielkopolska in the field of innovation, designated by the regional authorities to be responsible for implementation of Structural Funds for innovative actions for years 2004-2008. PSTP was animating and implementing one of measures within “Integrated Regional Operational Programme” financed by Structural Funds focused on innovation actions called “Regional Innovation Strategy and transfer of knowledge”.

PSTP was coordinating monitoring of implementation of RIS (2005-2008) and was a leader of 6.FP project “5SCHESMES” focused on designing specific schemes for regional innovation policy for 5 regions working on implementation of RIS strategy. Important objective in the project was the collaboration with Regional Government to present the action plans and discuss the future implementation. Proposed implementation plans influenced the Regional Operation Programme for 2007-2013 in Wielkopolska. Proposed measures were included in the documents as “type of projects” to be implemented.


ul. Rubież 46
61-612 Poznań, POLAND

tel: +48 61 8279 742
fax: +48 61 8279 741