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Lower Austria (AT, Lead Partner)

The Government of Lower Austria itself is the managing authority of the Regional Operational Programme. The department for economy, tourism and technology (WST3) is responsible for coordination of the Regional Innovation System. Regional innovation is of utmost importance for the competitiveness of the whole region of Lower Austria. Therefore WST3 has started the Continuous Improvement Process of the Regional Innovation System (CIP RIS NÖ) with the development of the regional innovation strategy nearly 15 years ago. The Innovation Assessment Methodology Lower Austria (I-AM Lower Austria) is coherent part of CIP RIS NÖ.

For CIP RIS NÖ Lower Austria was awarded by the Assembly of European Regions (AER) as themost innovative region in Europe in 2008.

WST3 considers inter-regional exchange and collaboration as crucial success factors for the improvement of its own innovation system. Thus the Lower Austrian government is strongly engaged in European Projects and is leading SCINNOPLI.

Lower Austria (AT)