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Nyugat-Dunantul (HU)

Mission: " West-Transdanubian Regional Development Agency is an organic community, an open and developing organisation, which supports local initiatives through its initiating, mediating and service activities and cooperates with all concerned actors for the balanced development of our region."

The West-Transdanubian Regional Development Agency was founded by law in 1999 as the basic institution for development, innovation, strategic planning and programme implementation at a regional level. The West-Transdanubian Region consists of 3 counties: Győr-Moson-Sopron, Vas and Zala. The agency has offices in 5 towns of the region.

Since its foundation, the agency has developed an extensive range of co-operations with regional, national and international organisations. It has launched several key regional initiatives, designed and applied many regional strategies, and has coordinated the writing of approximately thirty regional programme documents. WTRDA manages billions of national and EU (ERDF) financial sources yearly. The Agency has more than 90 highly trained full-time employees, and a group of 5 devoted to multinational project management, while also running the Regional Representation Office in Brussels.

WTRDA is both the designer and the fully competent intermediate body of the West Pannon (Transdanubian) Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, which includes support measures on behalf of innovation and technology transfer institutions, innovation houses, clusters, industrial parks, and business support advisory services for SMEs. Also, the Agency is responsible for the national innovation support scheme dedicated mostly to SMEs and which provides the main budget to financially support start-up and spin-off companies, the establishment of innovation service centres, innovative product development, etc.

WTRDA, Nyugat-dunántúli Regionális Fejlesztési Ügynökség Köshasznú Nonprofit Kft (HU)