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Navarra (ES)

Navarra is currently implementing its third Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS), Third Technology Plan of Navarra 2008-2011, which proves its longstanding experience on the promotion of a regional innovation system. DG Enterprise, Department of Rural Development, Industry, Employment and Enviroment from Navarra Goverment has the competence to design and implement the RIS, which is partially supported with ERDF funds by the ERDF Regional Operational Programme (ROP).

Current RIS focuses mainly on the internationalisation and the increased co-operation of key Innovation Stakeholders, aiming at the opening up of the innovation system, given the lack of critical mass in the region. The actions under the present ROP were jointly designed by the DG Enterprise and the Intermediate Body of the programme, DG International Development of Navarra Government.

The quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the previous RIS (First and Second Technology Plans) provided both organisms with knowledge and experience on the monitoring and impact assessment of the RIS, yet they are both aware of the limitations of the currently available tools.

SCINNOPOLI will provide the DG Enterprise and the DG International Development with new methodologies and tools for the monitoring of the ongoing 2007-2013 ROP and 2008-2011 RIS. Regional Action Plan resulting from Navarra’s participation in SCINNOPOLI will allow laying out a new monitoring methodology based upon other partners’ Good Practices that will be strategically assessed by the ROP Monitoring Committee and incorporated by the Department of Rural Development, Industry, Employment and Enviroment in the next generation RIS (Fourth Technology Plan).

Gobierno de Navarra (ES)