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Schleswig-Holstein (DE)

The WTSH - Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein- is the one-stop agency which provides information, personal advice and support for all businesses interested in finding out more about Schleswig-Holstein as a business location - from foreign commerce and technology-oriented companies to investors and project developers.

The service includes:

Besides expertise in science, technology and commerce, the WTSH staff has many years of experience in R&D and foreign commerce. In particular the WTSH is specialised in the following industries and technologies: Life sciences, Food industries, Maritime industries, Information and communication technology, Environmental engineering and renewable energies.

In behalf of the Ministry of Science, Economic Affairs and Transport of Schleswig-Holstein the WTSH manages parts of the Regional Operational Programme.

WTSH, Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig-Holstein (DE)