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Schleswig-Holstein (DE)

Schleswig-Holstein with 15,770 km² is the northernmost federal state of Germany and has 2,8 million inhabitants. Schleswig-Holstein's GDP with its 72.000 companies amounts to 73 bn €. Its geographical location offers direct links to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe by sea and road and Hamburg, the "gateway to the world", right next door: as a business location, Schleswig-Holstein is not only situated at the heart of Europe but also well connected to global markets.

Schleswig-Holstein's numerous industrial, commercial and service enterprises, high-tech companies and innovative and creative businesses see Schleswig-Holstein as the perfect business environment with many highly attractive benefits: productivity levels, labour costs, low business taxes and the highest return on investment in Germany and with its 9 universities an proper access to well-trained and well-educated employees