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Puglia (IT)

A region in southern Italy lying along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, Apulia (Puglia) extends on a surface of 19.363 KM2, has about 4 millions inhabitants an scores a GDP per capita equal to the 73% of the EU27 one.

Apulia is a Convergence region and manages for the period 2007-2013 about 2.7 M€ of the FESR programme and 640 K€ of the FSE programme plus other funds coming from interregional and national programmes.

Among the strengths of the regional productive system is the relatively high productivity of the agricultural sector, a number of sectors (agro-food, sofas, chemicals, non-metallic minerals) which are oriented towards non-local markets, a strong local private entrepreneurial climate (97% of firms are privately owned), and the tourism sector. On the other hand, the region also faces a number of challenges including poorly developed business services, a low rate of development of intermediate industry, the predominance of family-owned small enterprises (95% of firms have less than 20 employees), low rates of exporting firms, and a low level of integration of the agro-food chain. Sectors experiencing difficulties include basic engineering, construction, steel, chemical and textiles.

The regional innovation system comprises four public universities and a private one, about 30 private and public research centers and 30 intermediary organizations.