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Bretagne (FR)

The Brittany region occupies a large peninsula in the north west of France (27,209 km²) and has a population of 3 millions inhabitants (5% of the French pop.). For the last 10 years, Brittany’s GDP has enjoyed higher average growth than that of France. Nevertheless in terms of GDP / inhabitant with €25,249 Bretagne still lays slightly behind the national and European average (EU15). Besides an important agro-alimentary industry, the leading industrial sectors are Electronics and telecommunications, car automotive, shipbuilding/nautical industry and other ocean-related matters. The service sector has also received a significant boost and stands for 74% of GDP.

Brittany relies on a good environment for innovation: a high-ranking and internationally opened private and public research (ICT, sea, agriculture, healthcare, chemistry and human and social related sciences), a high level of education and training, a high-performing technology transfer and innovation support infrastructure. Brittany is the 6th most important region in creating innovative companies, yet it stands behind for employment in knowledge intensive services and high tech manufacturing sectors.