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Lower Austria (AT, lead partner)

Niederösterreich with 19,174km² is the largest area in Austria and has 1.55 million inhabitants. The region is located in the Northeast of Austria, bordering the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Its main economic sectors are mechanical engineering, metal processing, wood, food, chemistry and oil industry, as well as rubber and plastic. In the northern area agriculture and forestry are also strong.

Niederösterreich’s GDP per capita amounts to 25,300 euro (2006), the GDP increased to 38,8 billion euro in 2009.

As one of the 9 federal provinces of Austria Niederösterreich has a high degree of political and financial independency in regional innovation policy. Together with Austria's capital Vienna, a separate federal province located in the centre of Niederösterreich, and Burgenland,Niederösterreich forms the Vienna Region, characterised by formidable economic dynamism. The Vienna Region shows the strongest concentration of research institutions and universities in Austria.