Good Practice

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Schleswig-Holstein (DE)

Given the lack of known customizable solutions of a controlling system for the systematic assessment of business support services, the WTSH started to develop its own model of performance measurements.

The overall objectives of Business Development Corporations are to increase the total production, total sales and employment. Key-indicators for the economic success of the supervised firms are the number of created jobs and additional sales. Unfortunately, it rather difficult to distinguish the influence of the support received by a company through business development activities from other economic factors influencing the general development of the company.

Starting point of the impact analysis of WTSH's "strategic controlling" instrument are the offered services (inputs) and the intended economic effects (outputs). The offered services at WTSH are e.g. the innovation-consultancy, the property-rights-consultancy, financial promotion of innovation, foreign trade consultancy, trade fair support and the support of the firms in the Schleswig-Holstein Business Centers abroad. The economic output effects can be measured with the number of the employees and the total sales of the supervised firms.

The above mentioned in- and outputs are the basis of the "strategic controlling" of the WTSH. Through aggregation, arithmetic averages and applying specific statistical regression methods across the costumers the following questions can be answered: