Good Practice

Bretagne (FR) Navarra (ES) Puglia (IT)
Flanders (BE) Nyugat-Dunantul (HU) Schleswig-Holstein (DE)
Lower Austria (AT, lead partner) Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur (FR) Wielkopolska (PL)


Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur (FR)

Innovation assessment and benchmarking tool (ARISE)

The ARISE project allowed developing a methodology and a tool kit which provide a picture of the regional profile, its evolution over time and a more in-depth analysis of innovation policies, as well as a benchmarking comparison with other partner regions.

Using and harmonizing these different perspectives ARISE developed a flexible approach enabling policy makers to: 1. get a thorough insight of innovation features in the region, 2. assist them in evaluating the appropriateness of measures implemented in response of internal needs (monitoring impact and results ), and 3. identify the possible corrective actions to be undertaken.

The ARISE approach provided the foundation to construct the Regional Innovation Observatory (ORION), which has the mission to monitor and assess the Regional Innovation Strategy implementation and results.

The Good Practice allows a better understanding of regional innovation issues, establishing a data-driven decision-making process, and an assessment of the innovation policy effectiveness and efficiency.

The Good Practice main results at this stage of is implementation is a more effective design of innovation policy, tools and services’ design focus on regional specific features and issues.