Good Practice

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Navarra (ES)

The Regional Technology Plan’s Balanced Score Card (BSC) is one of the main instruments currently available to the Department of Innovation for the monitoring and impact assessment of the RIS.

The BSC is structured following the four Axis of the Plan, its 14 Action Lines and a total of 41 Actions. Each Action has an allocated budget, is targeted to a certain group/s and monitored by one or more activity/result indicators. These activity/result indicators are evaluated internally on a quarterly basis through the data collected by the Department of Innovation and by its supporting agents (Navarra Innovation Agency, Navarra EU Business and Innovation Centre), which allows for a continuous and real-time monitoring of the RIS Result Indicators.

Integration of GP in Regional Innovation Policy, why is the tool a Good Practice?:

The RIS (Technology Plan) is the main instrument of the Regional Innovation Policy. It was developed by the Department of Innovation, Business and Employment with the contribution of regional innovation actors and experts through a participatory approach that allowed reaching a broad regional consensus on the Plan’s scope and objectives. The BSC is the main tool of the Technology Plan allowing for the continuous monitoring of its implementation and the assessment of its performance.

Results of GP application:

The current RIS (Third Technology Plan) was developed on the basis of the analysis of the previous RIS (Second Regional Technology Plan) that included the intermediate and final evaluation of the indicators included in its BSC. This evaluation allowed the Department of Innovation to propose new Actions and to eliminate those Actions to which no or little response had been obtained from the Regional Innovation System actors. This evaluation was supported by macroeconomic data, such as GDP, RTDI expenditure, etc… obtained from the National and Regional Statistical Institutes.