SCINNOPOLI Policy Recommendations are addressing politicians and authorities responsible for regional innovation policy and for monitoring its impact.
A set of 12 Policy Recommendations have been formulated as result of the project SCINNOPOLI "Scanning Innovation Policy Impact". The 9 project partners exchanged numerous experiences on the monitoring of the impact of regional innovation policy. These Policy Recommendations, resulting from the discussions, are no story-telling or philosophical approach to monitoring but a set of practical recommendations for the implementation of an effective monitoring system for your regional innovation policy.

The set of 12 Policy Recommendations are to be used as a coherent approach for the set-up of a monitoring system. It is recommended to use them all, not to pick a few from the list.

The Policy Recommendations are embedded in the explanation of the SCINNOPOLI approach as well as in the introduction of the SCINNOPOLI partners and their Good Practices.

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